The Kinslayer War

The continent has been at war for almost fourty years. Armies of the traitor Thoralon led by bewitched generals clash with the loyalist forces of Asran. Across the fields of the eastern lands and across the border into the Wallidor the forces have marched and sought for each other. Magic spells of death and destruction fly overhead while angels of battle soar on wings that are splashed with the blood of mages.

It is a time of darkness and death where the priests are the only hope of salvation against the hordes of soldiers, mercenaries and twisted denizens of magical merging that press ever westward towards the regions of civilization.

Many who live in the borderlands have been converted by the lies of charismatic mages and sorcerers. They have left their houses and families to take up the sword against the Imperator; those that could not be swayed by the word were charmed by spells or forced into martial service. Brother fights against brother, father against son, as the ties that bound them were unmade by the whispers in the dark and the nightmares sent by the enemy. Whole villages have been assimilated by the forces of Thoralon, the Usurper, the Slayer, the former trusted advisor of the King.

King Moralis' greatest hero and general, the paladin Haskar McMarvin, disappeared last year together with his army; the war has come to a reluctant standstill since that moment as both sides prepare for further bloodshed. It is whispered that the great McMarvin himself has fallen for a trap of mind control by the Wizards.

Last fall, the next in line commander, the highly tactical and patient Sir Palomides, has taken over command. His first actions were sending out scouts into the distant east after rumors of lost civilizations and strange humans with odd customs. Also, his scouts have sought for traces of the armies of Thoralon in the east and south. Only traces of large parties of war have been found leading south, but no sign of the places where the army has gone.

As the uneasiness grows, Sir Palomides has called upon all able bodied men and women, the best the lands have to offer, to pledge service to the army and to help find the forces of Thoralon and bring back the war to those that have wrought so much havoc upon the lands.

Thoralon meanwhile, close to a century old by all accounts, has sent his armies foraging south and east, emptying whole villages of man, woman and child, of food, livestock and metal, leaving an empty husk of barren memories.