Magic and Angels

Spellcasting type. All spell casters have a source of power, that has 1 of three possibilities: Arcane, Divine or Natural.

Undead: total annihilation of lore surrounding undeath by the Skian and the Brotherhood, and the unwillingness of Deities to interfere with the natural state of Life and Death, have eradicated all forms of sentient and semi-sentient undead. Therefore, there are no known arcane or divine ways to cast spells that create or control undead. 

Spellcasters can still animate corpses through direct concentration and puppeteer-like control of bodies, but these ‘undead’ resemble automatons that are directly controlled more than they resemble sentient servants. 

Animate Dead: the duration changes to concentration and the caster must have line of sight to be able to effectively control her puppets. 

Create Undead: the duration changes to concentration and the caster must have Line of Sight to be able to effectively control her puppets.

Forbidden magic

Once bitten, twice shy. The view of magic users has changed greatly over the past decades, especially since the Kinslayer Wars. All magic that was used to hide true intentions or influence thoughts and actions has been outlawed by all institutions and regions, save in the lands under the influence of Thoralon. 

Though these spells do in theory still exist in the libraries or memories of old wizards, their use is a criminal offense and even just possessing the knowledge is just cause for unpleasant questioning - let alone spreading that knowledge. 

The Church has underwritten this and stressed to the highest authority they could reach, that these kinds of spells are not to be used in mortal hands. 

Effectively, this means that the following spells are outlawed (and unavailable) in all Asran, Holm, Neng and Wallidor, for Eldritch Knight, Bard, Cleric, Paladin and Wizard. Effectively, consider them to be no longer part of the relevant spell lists (including in regards to the use of scrolls). 

 - Charm Person

 - Dominate Monster

 - Dominate Person

 - Friends

 - Suggestion and Mass Suggestion

Bladesingers, Druids and Warlocks usually do not consider themselves bound by these mortal (and moral) restrictions and have free access to these spells, but are in return regarded with a healthy dose of suspicion by the authorities.

Of course, other civilisations such as the Shogur or the Irda, not to mention the more barbaric races and tribes, may have different rules concerning the ready availability of these spells, but they know and understand that the use of these in Human lands is frowned upon. The Aelfin in particular are known for using Charm Person and similar spells and are therefore viewed with distrust. 

Wizards and Eldritch Knights in the employ of Thoralon have free access to these spells, however. 

Illegal magic

Spells that can be used to easily travel and therefore, steal, spy and assassinate, are also forbidden. However, in this case possession of the spells themselves is not outlawed, but their use especially in cities and civilized areas is.  often arrest, interrogation and incarceration. This includes the following spells: 

 - Teleport

 - Dimension Door

 - Invisibility

 - Nondetection

 - Misty Step

 - Etherealness

 - Knock

 - Unseen Servant

 - Gaseous Form

 - Mage Hand

A special note is for the following spells, that are only legal to be used by authorized officials: 

 - Detect Thoughts

 - Modify Memory

Some regions, cities, states or duchies may have specific laws that are stricter or less strict; this is noted in their relevant descriptions. 


Deific agents

Though Deities are omnipotent and omniscient, they have better things to do than continually provide attention, spells and powers to their Clerics and Paladin. 


Hence, the Powers That Be have left it to Archons, their messengers, to monitor the mortals on the Prime Material Plane and to ensure their followers are devout, pious and righteous. Note that for evil gods too, archons will be their agents. All deific agents are created or elevated and installed specifically for this purpose and are hence Lawful in nature. 

Casters who cast level 1 Divine spells, sometimes see a flicker of light or a tiny flash out of the corner of their eyes, a lantern archon watching over them and granting them their spells by proxy.

As a divine caster’s power grows, she will be noticed by an Archon of higher stature whom will introduce himself to the caster through a dream, omens, or other signs. 

And so, as the caster grows in power, she will also be allowed access to higher level spells through more powerful archons, all the way up to a Sword Archon.

It is generally accepted that each archon is agent to multiple devotees but it is not known how this divine distribution is determined. Some think it is a regional issue, others have proof gender has to do with it and yet others argue it is completely random.

Divine Intervention. Once, and only once, while under the tutelage of an Archon, a deific caster can beseech it for Divine Intervention as a bonus action. Depending on the need, the nature of the threat, offers and sacrifices made, the piety of the supplicant in the past and expectations for the future, the Archon may arrive at the beginning of the supplicants next round - or not. 

Standard chance for the Archon to arrive is 20%, modified by the DM for circumstances. No matter the circumstances, the chance of the archon arriving is never greater than 50% and never less than 1%. If an archon does not arrive, the supplicant can continue pleading for it on successive rounds as a bonus action; each consecutive round will increase the chance by 2%. Once the chance reaches 50% but the Archon still does not come, further pleading is useless. There are situations, as determined by the DM, that an Archon may not come at all - no matter the chances. 

The archon comes teleporting in (this teleport does not use any of the archons innate spells) fully out of his own will and under his own responsibility - it is not controlled in any way by the supplicant. It will take action as it deems necessary. 

Once the archon has come to the aid of the supplicant, that archon will not come again. When being connected to a new deific agent, that may be asked for Divine Intervention as normal - once. 

Archons by power level

Lantern Archon. A lantern archon is responsible seeking out young, inexperienced and new divine spellcasters. They will then monitor these individuals until they reach the ability to cast 2nd level spells, at which time a Hound Archon will be involved.  

Hound Archon. The Hound Archon is a loyal agent, that will try and steer his charge through dreams, omens and portents, to indicate if the caster is going in the right direction with his faith. Hound Archons will be agents for divine spell casters that cast 2nd and 3rd level spells.  

Trumpet Archon. Once a caster reaches the ability to cast 4th level spells, more powerful archons will get involved, for these are special mortals indeed. Messages may be delivered directly or indirectly, to indicate content or displeasure with the proceedings of the caster through 4th and 5th level spells. 

Shield Archon. The no-nonsens Shield Archon will weed out any remaining false prophets, taking great care and precision to monitor the proper use of the deities spells of 6th and 7th level. 

Sword Archon. Once the most powerful of archons gets involved, the caster has gained the attention of the uppermost echelons and a Sword Archon will step in to start coaching his charge to the highest levels of devotion through 8th level spells to 9th level spells.