Sandros Island

Sandros Island is a fishermans island with a livid history, having been the springboard for the Skian invasion some 450 years ago, and was the last piece of land to be liberated 327 years later. Still holds to the Skian custom of male/female equality, contrary to mainland practice and culture. Being in the path of many storms and reliant on each other for help and support in dire times, all who can contribute are valued, giving even some Goblins right of Citizenship, which is unheard of in Asran. 

Port Tivonov: island capital and main harbor. Home to the only inaugurated cathedral of the island. 

Pointe: northermost town of the island, contains a contingent of mainland mariners that man a fort and a lighthouse. 

Doncaster: Coastal town, home to the Deverin family. A large Temple to Sol is under construction. 

The Kyori-temple: home to the only known all-female templar order. Recently razed and nearly exterminated. 

Walsham: the central village and home to most markets, including the yearly Swallowtail Festival. Home to the Deverin family. 

The Old Road: runs from Tivonov straight north, through Walsham to end in Pointe. By far the fastest way of travel but ill-maintained. 

The Coastal Road: no more than a cart-trail, runs along the coast around the entire island, passing many hamlets and fishermans-towns.